Confuse Ray

Type: Ghost

Accuracy: 100


This attack is the best for Confusing another Pokémon. Getting Confused can get really annoying, especially when you hurt yourself in confusion. Luckily it goes away after the battle.

Confuse Ray is learned by:

Vulpix (Lv.19)

Zubat (Lv.19)

Venonat (Lv.9)

Gastly (Lv.)

Magmar (Lv.49)

Lapras (Lv.22)

Blacky (Lv.30)

Rantan (Lv.33)

Neitieo (Lv.50)

Muuma (Lv.12)

Mantine (Lv.49)

Odishishi (Lv.49)

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