Type: Normal

This dumb move slightly decreases the enemy's attack. Charm does a way better job.

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Tail Whip is learned by:

Bulbasaur (Lv.4)

Charmander (Lv.4)

Spearow (first move)

Pikachu (first move)

Nidoran F (first move)

Clefairy (first move)

Diglett (Lv.5)

Meowth (first move)

Ponyta (Lv.4)

Slowpoke (Lv.6)


Seel (Lv.5) 

Cubone (first move) 

Chansey (Lv.5) 

Lapras (first move) 

Evee (Lv.16) 

Chikorita (first move) 

Hoothoot (first move) 

Togepi (first move)

Mareep (first move) 

Muuma (first move) 

Pushmepullyu (first move) 

Gomazu (first move) 

Milktank (Lv.4) 

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