Type: Normal

This lowers the target's defense. It is better than Tail Whip, and can be useful for some Gym leaders.

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Leer is learned by:

Spearow (Lv.7)

Ekans (first move)

Nidoran M (first move)

Mankey (first move)

Growlithe (Lv.18)

Machop (first move)

Farfetch'd (Lv.13)

Shellder (Lv.33)

Krabby (Lv.5)

Cubone (Lv.17)

Rhyhorn (Lv.31)

Kangaskhan (Lv.7)

Horsea (Lv.15)

Scyther (first move)

Electrabuzz (first move)

Magmar (first move)

Gyarados (Lv.30)

Flareon (Lv.47)

Omanyte (Lv.31)

Kabuto (Lv.19)

Dratini (first move)

Hinoashari (first move)

Totodile (first move)

Spinarak (Lv.6)

Neitei (first move)

Herakurosu (first move)

Nyura (first move)

Crescentbear (first move)

Emadu (first move)

Derubiru (first move)

Odoshishi (Lv.8)

Electakid (first move)

Bubbi (first move)

Raikou (first move)

Doomsday (first move)

Suikun (first move)

Yogirasu (first move)


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