Quick Attack

Type: Normal

About the same power as Tackle, except really accurate and fast. Sometimes you can attack twice in a row!

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Quick Attack is learned by:

Pidgey (Lv.15)

Rattata (Lv.7)

Pikachu (Lv.11)

Vulpix (Lv.7)

Scyther (first move)

Electrabuzz (first move)

Evee (Lv.23)

Vaporean (Lv.23)

Jolteon (Lv.23)

Flareon (Lv.23)

Efi (Lv.23)

Blacky (Lv.23)

Magumarashi (Lv.21)

Centrit (Lv.11)

Yanyanma (Lv.7)

Guraiga (Lv.20)

Nyura (Lv.9)

Kapoera (Lv.19)


Electakid (first move)

Raikou (Lv.31) 

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