Type: Normal

This attack is the most common in the game. Almost all Pokémon, no matter what type, learn it. For most Pokémon it is the first move to know. The power of Tackle depends on the power of your Pokémon and the defending Pokémon.

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Tackle is learned by:

Bulbasaur (first move)

Squirtle (first move)

Caterpie (first move)

Pidgey (first move)

Rattata (first move)

Nidoran M (first move)

Nidoran F (first move)

Venonat (first move)

Geodude (first move)

Ponyta (first move)

Slowpoke (first move)

Magnamite (first move)

Shellder (first move)

Onix (first move)

Voltorb (first move)

Koffing (first move)

Staryu (first move)

Tauros (first move)

Magikarp (Lv.15)

Evee (first move)

Vaporean (first move)

Jolteon (first move)

Flareon (first move)

Efi (first move)

Blacky (first move)

Porygon (first move)

Snorlax (first move)

Chikorita (first move)

Hinoarashi (first move)

Centruit (first move)

Hoothoot (first move)

Ladyba (first move)

Mareep (first move)

Marril (first move)

Hoppip (Lv.10)

Yanyanma (first move)

Pushmepullyu (first move)

Kunugidama (first move)

Snubbles (first move)

Harisen (first move)

Herakurosu (first move)

Urimuu (first move)

Saniigo (first move)

Maintain (first move)

Gomazou (first move)

Odoshishi (first move)

Baruki (first move)

Milktank (first move)

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