Pokémon Gold Key Item List

These items will unlock special doors or help you travel faster. Items that you would like to be able to use instantly (like the Bicycle or Itemfinder) you can assign to the SELECT key. You can use Rods next to water to find a Water Pokémon.



Where to get it

Basement Key

Lets you explore the locked part of the underground passage.

Goldenrod Radio Tower


Travel around twice as fast!

Goldenrod City (Bike Shop)

Card Key

Unlocks Radio Tower door.

Rescue Director in the Underground Passage.

Coin Case

Holds your coins for the Game Corner.

Underground Passage

Dragon Scale

Use to evolve Seadra.

Mt. Mortar

Expn Card

Use to hear Kanto songs on your radio.

Lavender Town

Good Rod

Find better water Pokémon than the Old Rod.

Olivine City


Use to find hidden items.

Ecruteak City

Lost Item

A lost Clefairy doll. Return it for a reward.

Vermillion City

Machine Part

The stolen machine part is why the Power Plant isn't working. Return it and you can ride the Train.

Cerulean City

Map Card

View the map on your Pokégear.

Cherrygrove City

Mystery Egg

Hatches into a Togepi!

Route 30 (Oak's place)

Old Rod

Use near water to fight Water Pokémon.

Route 32


Ride on the Magnet Train!

Saffron City


Contains info about all the Pokémon that you have.

Route 30 (Oak's place)

Radio Card

Play the radio on your Pokégear.

Goldenrod Radio Tower

Rainbow Wing

Use to enter the Tin Tower and catch Ho-oh.

Goldenrod (Gold), Pewter (Silver)

Red Scale

Trade this for the Exp. Share at Oak's place.

Lake of Rage

S.S. Ticket

Use this to ride on the S.S. Aqua.

Professor Elm


Bring to Jasmine in the Olivine Lighthouse.

Cianwood Herb Shob

Silver Wing

Use to find Lugia in the Whirl Islands.

Goldenrod (Silver), Pewter (Gold)


Use to water the Sudowoodo north of Goldenrod.

Goldenrod City

Super Rod

Find better water Pokémon than the Good Rod.

Route 12


Keeps track of the Unowns that you have.

Ruins of Alph


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