Youthful Creations

My brothers and I were hiking in northern Idaho, and we saw a natural whirlpool in a stream. I’ve never again seen this happen in the wild. see the video here

On vacation in 2006, right before I left to study engineering, I came up with an idea to use scrap wood to build some fun golf-ball ramps with my brothers. This one was well-calibrated – see the video here.



I wrote a computer game when I was in a US History class in high school. The Blue And The Gray: a Civil War strategy game with combat animations, cut-scenes, and twelve types of units. It’s a turn-based strategy game that’s similar to Advance Wars – but you can also answer questions from US History to make your units more powerful.

Another computer game I wrote in high school. For a biology class we had learned about acids and bases. In this game, you have to furiously click molecules to keep your blood pH balanced, in order to keep yourself alive.

I had fun writing this paper in middle school. Not the way you’re supposed to write about art.
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Fun in MS Paint.

What is this file named MUTANT.MOV? Then I remembered: The Attack Of The Mutant Teddy Bear. I made this on my own in 2000… each frame drawn in the Vista Middle School computer lab. See the video here.

More fun in MS Paint.

Old drawings.