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Online Quoteboard

My friends at Olin say some pretty funny things from time to time, and I had been keeping a text file of my favorite quotes. Who could ever forget Eric Erzinger's classic comparison of the Runge-Kutta integration method with the plot of the Terminator?

Partly for my friends, and partly to try out my newly learned AJAX skills, I wrote "Quolin" -- the Olin College online quoteboard. I wrote everything from scratch; using only my own code made everything lightweight, and I liked being able to customize every detail.

Each quote also has a page where you can discuss it. Using xmlhttprequest, I added AJAX voting buttons that don't require a page refresh! Today, I added some styling, which took a while, but looks nicer:

It's starting to spread through the school, I posted 5 quotes and my friends have now posted over 30.