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A Quicker Fox

Last week I gave myself a challenge. I wanted to write a phrase that used the letters from a-z, and to make it as short as possible (a pangram). As a challenge I did not use any help, the internet, or any program. After working for a while, I found some pretty good ones.

Why fold, just vex quick brazen gimp (29)
Why quick gimp just loved brazen FX (29)

Rhythm DJs fling vox, zap web quack (28)
why brazen DJ vex quick golf stamp (28)

I thought "rhythm" was very promising, but could never offset the repeated h. After much trial, I'm pretty sure you can't get shorter than 28 without using abbreviations like DJ.

After comparing with Wikipedia, I found that I had done pretty well. Using a Python program I wrote, I was able to find an even shorter one:
why klutz DJ FX vamp squib conger (27)

I see that I'll have to find a better way to get rid of my q. I'm done for now, but sometime I'll find shorter ones.