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Tetris Overflow

So bad it's good:

I've been playing Windows Entertainment Pack Tetris. Yesterday, after the 10th level, it doesn't get any faster - and so I was playing for a while, when suddenly I noticed that I had a negative score. The integer representing my score had overflowed!


The Windows Entertainment Pack version of Tetris must display your score as a signed 16-bit integer (I think it's even a 16 bit program). Because of 2s complement, an integer will after being large positive will be large negative. The number still sorted as larger than the other scores, and counted as a high score, though. Cool.

By the way, I've been experimenting with creative "moves" in Tetris. Click here to see an animated GIF of what I call "the spear".

It's interesting that a game literally from 1990 is so fun.