Pokémon Gold - Apricorn Item List

This type of item does nothing until you bring it to Kurt in Azalea Town. Give him one of your Apricorns, and 24 hours later he gives you back a cool type of Pokéball! Apricorns are another item that is found in those one-a-day item bushes.


Route where it is

Pokéball it Becomes

That Pokéball's special function

BLK Apricorn

Route 37

Heavy Ball

Catches Heavy Pokémon.

BLU Apricorn

Route 37

Lure Ball

Catches Water Pokémon.

GRN Apricorn

Route 42

Friend Ball

A Pokémon caught with a friend ball will love you more.

PNK Apricorn

Route 42

Love Ball

Catches Pokémon of other gender.

RED Apricorn

Route 37

Level Ball

Catch Pokémon of high levels.

WHT Apricorn

Kurt's House

Fast Ball

Catch very fast Pokémon.

YLW Apricorn

Route 42

Moon Ball

Catch Pokémon that evolve with the moon stone.


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