Pokémon Gold - Berry Item List

This type of item will automatically function if attached before the battle. This will save you from having to waste a battle turn using a Potion. (You can also just use it like a normal potion out of battle.)

Most Berries you find in bushes that you can "harvest" once a day. Make sure to save up your berries so you can make that sick Miltank on MooMoo farm (Routes 38 and 39) produce milk. For your information, it will take exactly seven berries to heal it and claim your reward (TM13-Snore).

All these berries except for Berry Juice, Gold Berry, Mystery Berry, and Psncureberry can also be acquired through Mystery Gift. Also, normal Berries, Burnt Berries, Ice Berries, Mysteryberries, and Psncureberries can be stolen from a wild Pokémon using the Thief attack.



Where to get it


Recovers 10HP.

Routes 29, 30, 38, 46, and 11, or the Bug contest

Berry Juice

Recovers 20HP.

Attach a berry to Shuckles, and in 24 hours it will turn into a Berry Juice.

Bitter Berry

Cures the Confused status.

Routes 1, 31, 43...

Burnt Berry

Cures the Frozen status.

Route 44, Fuchsia...

Gold Berry

Recovers 30HP.

Mt. Moon, Bug Contest...

Ice Berry

Cures the Burnt status.

Route 36, 24, Pewter City...

Mint Berry

Cures the Asleep status.

Route 39, Pewter City...


Cures all status defects.

Mystery Gift


Recovers PP of an attack.

Routes 35,45...


Cures the Paralyzed status.

Routes 8, 45, Violet City...


Cures the Poisoned status.

Routes 2, 30, 33...


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