Pokémon Gold Token Item List

This type of item will only function when you give it to one of your Pokémon.



Where to get it

Amulet Coin

Doubles the amount of money you win for a battle.

Underground Goldenrod

Beserk Gene

Doubles your attack, but makes you confused. This works just once - use wisely.

Cerulean City (Itemfinder)

Black Belt

Makes Fighting attacks stronger.

Lake of Rage (Wednesday)


Makes Dark attacks stronger.

Dark Cave Exit

Bright Powder

Opponent is confused.

Time Machine Trading


Makes Fire attacks stronger.

Azealea Town

Cleanse Tag

See less wild Pokémon when attached.

Route 5

Dragon Fang

Makes Dragon attacks stromger.

Dragon's Den


Prevents a Pokémon from evolving.

Elm, Bug Contest ...

Exp. Share

Pokémon gains half the experience, no matter what part it played in the battle.

Prof. Elm

Focus Band

Prevents a Pokémon from fainting.

Saffron City

Hard Stone

Makes Rock attacks stronger.

Route 36 (Thursday)

King's Rock

Opponents Flinch more often. Use this to evolve certain Pokémon.

Slowpoke Well


Recovers some HP to the attached Pokémon.

Celadon City


Makes Pikachu's Special attacks stronger.

Time Machine Trading

Lucky Egg

Doubles amount of Exp. you gain.

Take from Wild Chanseys

Lucky Punch

Makes Chansey have more Critical Hits.

Time Machine Trading


Makes Electric attacks stronger.

Route 37 (Sunday)


Makes you have more Critical Hits.

Mystery Gift

Metal Coat

Makes Steel attacks stronger. Use this to evolve certain Pokémon.

S.S. Aqua

Metal Powder

Makes Ditto have increased Defense.

Time Machine Trading

Miracle Seed

Makes Grass attacks stronger.

Route 32

Mystic Water

Makes Water attacks stronger.

Cherrygrove City


Makes Ice attacks stronger.

Ice Path

Pink Bow

Makes Normal attacks stronger.

Route 29 (Tuesday)

Poison Barb

Makes Poison attacks stronger.

Route 32 (Friday)

Polkadot Bow

Makes Normal attacks much stronger.

Time Machine Trading

Quick Claw

Your Pokémon attacks first (usually).

National Park

Sharp Beak

Makes Flying attacks stronger.

Route 40 (Monday)

Sacred Ash

All your Pokémon automatically heal.

Wild Pokémon


Makes Bug attacks stronger.

Wild Pokémon

Smoke Ball

Run from wild Pokémon 100% of the time.

Underground Passage

Soft Sand

Makes Ground attacks stronger.

Route 34

Spell Tag

Makes Ghost attacks stronger.

Blackthorn City (Saturday)


Makes Farfetch'd have more Critical Hits.

Take from wild Farfetch'ds

Thick Club

Makes Cubone's or Marowak's attacks stronger.

Take from wild Cubones


Makes Psychic attacks stronger.

Time Machine Trading


Will evolve certain Pokémon.

Saffron City


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