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This is a set of tools I made back in 2014, to keep a local music library "coordinated" and organized. Coordinate_music can:


Here's what it looks like to create a link between a local audio file and a track on Spotify:

Demo search by track

Here's what it looks like to create links, an album at a time:

Demo search by album

Other Features and Details


  1. Install Python, either Python 2.7+ or 3.5+
  2. Install Mutagen (pip install mutagen)
  3. Install Spotipy (pip install spotipy)
  4. Copy to,
    • fill in the missing information,
    • for example from # return u'~/music' to return u'~/my/music/files'
    • to enable linking to spotify, you will need a SpotifyClientID,
    • you can sign up for this at
  5. Run, it will interactively ask what you'd like it to do

Also: the C++ program wavcut can split wav files based on a list of approximate song lengths in seconds.

Also: on Windows, you can install pywinauto to enable the "type into Spotify window" feature.

Also: when the Python script is asking you a question, you can type "BRK" to pause, investigate the question, and then resume processing the directory from the start.

Tests pass on latest Linux Mint and Windows 7+.