Pokémon Gold - Pokéball Item List

Use this type of item to catch a Pokémon. To find Wild Pokémon that can be caught, walk around in the grass. To catch a Pokémon, whittle away its HP with a weak attack until there is only a little left. Then try throwing Pokeballs. If you still are having a hard time, try Paralyzing it or putting it asleep, which will increase the odds of capture.

Master Balls are the ultimate Pokéball. Try to save your Master Ball for very rare or powerful Pokémon like Lugia or Ho-oh.



Apricorn Name

Heavy Ball

Catches Heavy Pokémon.

BLK Apricorn

Lure Ball

Catches Water Pokémon.

BLU Apricorn

Friend Ball

Caught Pokémon love you more.

GRN Apricorn

Love Ball

Catches Pokémon of other gender.

PNK Apricorn

Level Ball

Catch Pokémon of high levels.

RED Apricorn

Fast Ball

Catch very fast Pokémon.

WHT Apricorn

Moon Ball

Catch Pokémon that evolve with the Moon Stone.

YLW Apricorn


Can catch weak Pokémon.


Great Ball

Can catch stronger Pokémon.


Ultra Ball

Can Catch very strong Pokémon.


Master Ball

Always Catches, No Matter What!



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