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New Create Sync Features
New Create Sync Features
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Create Sync Screenshot When opening Create Synchronicity for the first time, you can select the program language.
Create Sync Screenshot You'll then see the base screen.
Create Sync Screenshot Click the "New Profile" icon, type in a name for the profile and press Enter.
Create Sync Screenshot You'll now be in the configuration screen. Type the path to the source and destination folders.
Create Sync Screenshot Then, click the "Load folder tree" button(s).
Create Sync Screenshot You can optionally check or uncheck subdirectories in the tree on the left. Also, I recommend turning on "Strict Mirror", so that if any unneeded files are in the destination location, they will be removed.
Create Sync Screenshot Click Save in the lower right.
Create Sync Screenshot You'll now be at the base screen. Click on the new profile and a menu will appear, choose Preview from this menu.
Create Sync Screenshot You can see which files will be copied or updated. You can click Close to cancel, or click Synchronize to actually copy/update the files.
Create Sync Screenshot While your files are being synchronized, Create Synchronicity displays the current progress.
Create Sync Screenshot Done! Your files have been copied successfully.

(Based on the tutorial on create synchronicity's website.)

You can now optionally adjust more settings,